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Swivel Bucket Seat Conversion

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Being a very popular modification for the 73-77 Monte Carlo, I will try to describe the process for installing factory swivel buckets in your Monte.
You can get the seats, console and other misc. parts from 73-77 Monte Carlos, Chevelles, Lagunas and a few El Caminos. These model Chevys all had the swivel seat option, making it easier to find everthing you need for your conversion. The floor pictured is a 76 Monte.

Seat, Seat Belt and Console Location
The seat belt for swivel seats is different from the bench seat and must be relocated to the hole indicated in in this picture. There will be a bolt in this hole that looks like a seat belt bolt, only it is shorter. Remove this bolt and put it in the hole where your bench seat belt was. In the picture below you will see there is a missing mount, don't forget to grab this from your donor car, it supports the rear of the console and also the rear inner seat mount. Locating your seat is fairly easy, it uses the same outer front mounting hole as the bench seat. When the seat is in place you can locate the rear mount but don't weld it in yet. Attach the console to the center floor brace, the holes are already there you just need some self tapping bolts. Also the front console bracket can be bolted to the console and then you can mark the floor for it's location to be welded or bolted down. DON"T WELD ANYTHING YET!! Get all of your parts in place, console, shifter and seats. All of the holes are slotted and could affect final installation.

Things you need for the conversion
When making the conversion from bench to swivels there is a lot more you need than just the seats. You will need all the seat mounting bracket that are welded to the floor,the seatbelts are different so get those too. Also if you are installing the floor shifter and console it is important to get the mounting brackets off the floor and don't forget the shifter cable. A very important thing to grab is the two cable brackets from the tranny. The linkage from the tranny to the column is the same. On the center hump you will see a hole, (in the picture). On you floor your will see 3 little indents, this is your locator for the cable to go thru your floor to the tranny. The front of your floor shifter will mount in 2 existing holes in the floor brace.


If you have any other questions feel free to email me at scotpalm@hotmail.com